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STUDIO PARMEGIANI is ready to assist you in finding the best interpreting solution for conferences and economic, political and institutional meetings, medical and scientific congresses, press conferences, seminars, board of directors’ meetings, committee meetings, conference calls and videoconferences, analyst presentations, product presentations to distributors, training courses, depositions, events and conventions.
Call us and we will assist you in selecting the best interpreting solution among the following:

The interpreter listens to and translates simultaneously in a sound-proof booth with direct view on the meeting room.  The audience listens to the interpreter’s voice through headsets, following the meeting in real time.
Many conference rooms are provided with simultaneous equipment; failing that, we will assist you in finding the necessary equipment.

The interpreter, who sits usually close to the speaker, listens to the speaker for a few minutes, taking notes, and then translates into the language requested.  This type of service does not require the use of booths and equipment, however translation considerably increases the meeting time.

The term derives from French “chuchoter” which literally means “whisper”. The interpreter translates simultaneously, whispering directly into the client’s ear:  usually one interpreter may translate for a maximum of two listeners.  No technical equipment is required.

This system uses a radiofrequency transmitter and headsets, but there is no soundproof booth.  It may be useful during plant visits, for example, or for restricted meetings;  though it allows participants and interpreters to move around, it is not a valid alternative option to the traditional conference booth equipment.

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